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When you hear better, you feel better. And so do we.™

Luna Family Hearing is a local, family-owned hearing care company with offices throughout the Pacific Northwest.

About Us

Luna Family Hearing is a locally family owned and operated hearing care company that you can depend on to help you hear better. We promise expert, reliable care. We take your hearing challenges personally because we know that when you hear better, you feel better. And so do we.

What To Expect

Treating hearing loss. Today’s hearing aids can help most people regain much of that lost ability through digital sound processing. It begins with a thorough diagnosis that includes a series of hearing tests as well as information that you provide about where you have the most difficulty with your hearing.

Getting hearing aids. Should your treatment include hearing aids, the fitting process begins with computerized programming of your hearing aids to match your loss. This is a highly individualized process conducted by our licensed hearing care professionals.

Setting your expectations. It’s important that you understand what hearing aids can and cannot do. While they will not restore your hearing to exactly what it was when you were young, digital hearing aids can significantly improve your ability to hear and understand speech, and to hear other sounds you enjoy including music. We can also adjust them to optimize your hearing in the situations where you need them the most.

Our Pricing Policy

Hearing aids are an investment in your quality of life.  We explain the differences between various hearing aids in a way that you can understand and easily evaluate their cost and value. Financing is available to those who qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What causes hearing loss?

A. In 90% of all cases, hearing loss occurs because the delicate hair cells in the inner ear are irreparably broken or do not otherwise function properly. This means that the brain does not receive all the sounds and frequencies it needs to provide a complete soundtrack. It is like removing high keys on a piano and asking somebody to play a well-known melody. Even with only six or seven notes missing, the melody might be difficult to recognize and simply wouldn’t sound right.

Types and causes of hearing loss
In most cases, your hearing healthcare professional can determine the nature of your hearing loss and quite closely pinpoint what caused it. Hearing loss can be either conductive or sensorineural, or both.

Sensorineural hearing loss
Sensorineural hearing loss is by far the most common hearing loss. The condition refers to problems in the cochlea or auditory nerve. Most are due to deterioration of the tiny outer hair cells that line the cochlea and transmit sound to the auditory nerve and then the brain. This accounts for 90% of permanent hearing losses. Often, it is a natural part of aging, but other causes could be:

  • Traumatic exposure to noise
  • Genetic disposition
  • Viral infections of the inner ear
  • Certain medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Head injury

Sensorineural hearing loss can’t be corrected medically, but can usually be improved through the use of hearing aids.

Conductive hearing loss
This condition is caused by any obstruction or malfunction of the outer or middle ear that prevents sound waves from reaching the inner ear. Some of the causes of conductive hearing loss can include:

  • An accumulation of earwax
  • A collection of fluid in the middle ear
  • Abnormal bone growth in the middle ear (otosclerosis)
  • Middle ear infections (otitis media)
  • Perforation of the eardrum

Most conductive losses can be treated medically, but there are times when hearing aids are needed.

Mixed hearing loss
A mixed hearing loss is not as common as other types of hearing loss, but does occur in some segments of the population for a variety of genetic or other reasons.

A mixed hearing loss is a combination of both a sensorineural hearing loss and a conductive hearing loss. Mixed hearing losses can be treated medically for the conductive component in some instances, but the majority of mixed hearing loss is treated through the use of hearing aids.

Q. Why do prices of hearing aids vary so much?

A. Generally, the price of a digital hearing aid goes up as you add special features and technology, like personalized noise reduction or bluetooth capability. The latest technology incorporates direct streaming of audio signals to the hearing aids, such as cell phone calls, television audio, music and media – all streaming directly to your ears! Pricing should never be a mystery, though. Ask us and we will explain in simple, straight forward terms the cost of each hearing aid and technology level we offer. We will always recommend the model and style of hearing aid that we know, through years of experience, will benefit you the most for your lifestyle and budget.

Q. Do you offer an evaluation period for new hearing aids?

A. At Luna Family Hearing, we always offer a 30-day evaluation period for trying out your new hearing aids in a variety of settings. We want to make sure you are doing the best you can with your new hearing aids working together to meet your needs.

Q. Is financing available?

A. We work with third-party financing companies that will finance your purchase for up to 60 months. You can finance the entire purchase or a portion of your purchase. We always work with you to meet both your hearing needs and your budget. You can own digital hearing aids for as little as a $59.00 per month payment for each hearing aid purchased. We offer HealthiPlan, Wells Fargo Health Advantage or CareCredit for hearing aid financing options for our clients.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Accurate measurement of your hearing loss is the first step. At your appointment we will ask you about your medical history and perform a physical exam of your ears, in addition to testing your hearing. Using advanced testing equipment, we measure your hearing to determine where loss has occurred and to what degree. We also measure your ability to understand speech clearly. A hearing test evaluates your hearing sensitivity and is generally performed using an audiometer, which determines the softest level at which you hear different frequencies. Once we have the whole picture, we can complete your evaluation and recommend hearing aids for your individual lifestyle. Call us for more details or to set up an appointment: 1-855-HEAR-NOW.

Price Match Guarantee

We understand that price is a big part of your decision and want you to be confident and trust your decision to choose Luna Family Hearing.

If you or a loved one is going to purchase hearing aids then, let Luna Family Hearing be your hearing care provider of choice. Our goal with our Price Match Guarantee is to make all prices equal so that you don’t have to limit your decision based on price. At Luna Family Hearing, we believe that customer care and service are the most important factors in your hearing care and essential to your long-term success with and enjoyment of your hearing aids. Choosing Luna Family Hearing is the smartest decision you can make because we believe that no competitor can beat the exceptional customer service and excellence in care that you will receive with us!

When you need hearing aids, think Luna Family Hearing. We are committed to offering you the best technology.  And, to make you feel even more confident in your decision to purchase from us … we will match any local competitor’s hearing aid price on the exact same product!

Luna Family Hearing will match a similar retailers’ valid written quote or advertised price on hearing aids and will match that price within 30-days of your purchase. Some restrictions apply. See below for details.


  • Hearing test and hearing aid evaluation Luna Family Hearing is required in order to be eligible for a Price Match.
  • Only valid on the price of hearing aids. The Price Match Guarantee does not apply to the cost of diagnostic services, re-checks, or ancillary items such as remote controls, multi-mics, mini-mics, ear molds, and batteries.
  • The Price Match Guarantee only applies to hearing aids of the exact manufacturer, model, style, and model year.
  • Price Match Guarantee is valid within 30 days of the execution of the Purchase Agreement between Luna Family Hearing and customer for Private Pay purchases only.
  • Price Match Guarantee is not valid for customers who use health insurance to pay for hearing aids, nor third-party payers, nor workers’ compensation claims due to the rules, regulations, and contractual obligations set forth by such payers.
  • We require proof of competitor price. Customer must produce a valid written quote on competitor letterhead or stationary and/or competitive ad for consideration. Qualifying ads shall clearly identify exact type of hearing aid, including manufacturer make and model, price, and competitor must be an authorized hearing aid retailer. A quote must be less than 30 days old and competitor’s ad cannot be expired.
  • Price Match Guarantee cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.


  • Competitor private label product price promotions.
  • Big Box store product offerings regardless of manufacturer, model and style whether private-label or brand name.
  • Quotes or ads where the actual price, brand, or model cannot be determined.
  • Buy one, get one free ads with no specific price or product details given.
  • Promotional items or gift cards with purchase.
  • On used, pre-owned, or auctioned products.
  • Going out of business sales, discontinued models, or manufacturer close-out prices.
  • Competitor ads from outside the Luna Family Hearing office’s local trade territory.
  • Online/Internet only ads.

Luna Family Hearing reserves the right to modify this policy at any time and upon its discretion


Welcome to our blog.

Win Whittaker featured on MyNorthwest.com wearing ReSound LiNX2 Hearing Aids fit by Luna Family Hearing

On October 8, 2016

Win Whittaker climbs over hearing loss and mountains

Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle is a feature contributor and personality on The Ron & Don Show on KIRO Radio (weekdays 3-7pm), and host of Ring My Belle Weekends (Sundays at 3pm).

__end of article___

Listen to these hearing aids for yourself and receive a free hearing test at any of Luna Family Hearing’s multiple locations in the Pacific Northwest by calling 1-855-HEAR-NOW or visiting www.LunaFamilyHearing.com/ReSoundLiNX

Undiagnosed Hearing Loss in Seniors Means More Isolation, Study Finds

On July 19, 2016

Undiagnosed Hearing Loss in Seniors Means More Isolation, Study Finds

Published on

Hearing loss can lead to depression

Senior citizens with undiagnosed or untreated hearing problems are more likely to suffer from social isolation and cognitive impairment, a recent study has found.

According to an article published in the June 2016 edition of Ear and Hearing, researchers at the University of British Columbia, UBC Okanagan, examined the impact of undiagnosed or untreated hearing issues in seniors aged 60 to 69. The study found that for every 10 decibel drop (roughly equivalent to the sound of calm breathing) in hearing sensitivity, the odds of social isolation increased by 52%.

Among the sample of seniors, a 10-decibel reduction of hearing sensitivity was also associated with cognitive declines equivalent to almost four years of chronological aging.

Paul Mick, MD

“Hearing loss is not thought of as a public health issue and, as a result, there are often not a lot of healthcare resources that have been put towards testing and hearing support,” says Paul Mick, MD, an otologic surgeon, public health researcher, and clinical assistant professor at UBC’s Southern Medical Program. “Social isolation has been shown to have similar impacts on mortality rates as smoking and alcohol consumption, so this is something we should examine further at both the system and individual patient level.”

Dr Mick’s study examined data collected between 1999 and 2010 by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, a survey that samples 5,000 people each year across the United States. The survey examines demographic, socioeconomic, dietary and health-related issues.

In a UBC announcement about the study, Dr Mick said he would like to expand his research to see if interventions such as regular hearing screening programs similar to those that are in place for young children could positively impact health outcomes for Canadian seniors.

For details of the survey study, see the article in Ear and Hearing.

If you think you or a loved one or friend is suffering from an undiagnosed hearing loss, give Luna Family Hearing a call for a Free Hearing Test at one of our many Washington or Oregon locations, 425-455-5596 or 1-855-4327-669 in OR or WA.

Source: University of British Columbia, Okanagan

How’s Your Summer Soundtrack Treating You?

On June 23, 2016

Summer is here! And so are loud sounds that could damage your hearing.

Monday, June 20th, marked the official beginning of summer! But we’ve already been hearing those warm-weather sounds. From lawn mowers to motorcycles to jet skis to outdoor concerts and fireworks, summer  always has its own soundtrack.

Family Riding  Jet Boat at Sunset

Unfortunately, your summer soundtrack may contribute to noise-induced hearing loss. Sound is measured in decibels, and we know that a normal conversation (around 60 decibels) may continue indefinitely with little to no risk of hearing damage. But exposure to noises louder than 85 decibels for a longer period of time may put you at risk for hearing loss. And most people’s summer soundtrack is filled with such at-risk noises:

Summer Soundtrack Typical Level (in decibels) Risk of hearing damage (in minutes)
Conversation 60 dB Little risk over extended time
Lawn Mower 90 dB 8 hours
Jet Ski 115 dB 15 minutes
Outdoor rock concert 120 dB 7 minutes
Fireworks (depending on distance from explosion) 125-150 dB Immediate

Make sure you protect your ears so you can enjoy many more summer soundtracks, including whispers, chirping crickets and wind in trees—those less noisy but meaningful sounds. Always use ear protection when around noises louder than 85 dB or find ways to be around loud noises for as little time as possible.

At Luna Family Hearing you can purchase custom ear molds for water sports, motorcycle riding, music listening and monitors, musician performance and even for sleeping! And, just buying basic over-the-counter hearing protection either in the foam version that go in your ear canal to the over-the-ear headphone style hearing protectors will help preserve your hearing and reduce any damage caused by loud sounds in your life.

If you think you’ve experienced a change in your hearing, please call us and we will schedule a free hearing test for you today!

Enjoy your summer soundtrack! Give us a call if you need anything for your hearing loss, hearing aids, or to order custom hearing protection to enjoy your summer to its fullest.

1-855-HEAR-NOW or 425-455-5596 with locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Your friends at Luna Family Hearing.

5 Reasons to Treat Hearing Loss

On April 25, 2016

5 Reasons to Treat Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be subtle—so subtle that it is common for people to disregard their hearing loss for more than 10 years before seeking treatment.¹

iStock_000061850316_Small(1)That’s too bad, because when your hearing nerves and the areas of the brain responsible for hearing are deprived of sound, they weaken. And that means that improving hearing through the use of a hearing aid is all that much more difficult. So the longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to hear well again.

Consider these five benefits to treating hearing loss sooner rather than later:

  1. Relationships: Relationships rely on good communication. Hearing loss can hinder the potential for responsiveness, but using hearing aids is the start to repairing communication.
  2. Earnings: Hearing is critical to meeting one’s full potential at work. Studies show that risk of income loss can be reduced by using hearing aids.²
  3. Cognitive skills: Studies show that seniors with hearing loss are more prone to dementia, but by using hearing aids, they likely can improve their cognitive skills.²
  4. Happiness: Hearing loss can make people feel frustrated and alone. Restoring the ability to engage socially and live confidently boosts quality of life.
  5. Self-confidence: Using hearing aids to bring back the gift of sound can improve one’s sense of control and self-confidence.

Visit www.lunafamilyhearing.com/ReSoundLinx or call us at 1-855-HEAR-NOW or 425-455-5596 in WA & OR to schedule an appointment to discuss your hearing needs and how we can help you take the step to better hearing.

¹ American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (AHSA). Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults—A Growing National Epidemic, Accessed April 2016.
² Better Hearing Institute (BHI). Addressing Hearing Loss Proves Win-Win for Both Employer and Employee. Accessed May 2015.

Our Products & Services

Our Products
We offer a full range of digital hearing aids in the following styles:

  • Invisible in the canal
  • Completely-in-the-canal
  • In-the-canal
  • In-the-ear
  • Behind-the-ear
  • Open-ear
  • Receiver-in-the-canal

Our Services
Our services for children and adults, include:

  • Complete hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • 30-day evaluation period for all hearing aids
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Assistance with tinnitus or “ringing in the ears.”
  • Hearing aid batteries and accessories
  • Custom Earmolds for iPods, Musicians, Hearing Protection and Swim Plugs

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As a local, family-owned business, we really appreciate your choosing Luna Family Hearing for your hearing care needs. We are accountable to you, as professionals and as your neighbors. — John and Andrea Luna

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